Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fan Involvement

I know alot of you have been on this site but there havent been alot of comments about Rachelle, Eclipse, Bryce, or Summit. I want you all to get involved with this blog. So comment this post with how you fell about the whole f***ed up situation in the comments. I dont bite. The comments will totally brighten my day. I love to see how everyone feels so go ahead you know you want to.


"As soon as I saw the Twilight Lexicon post my heart stopped and I couldn't breathe. HOW COULD THEY?! Rachelle is my favorite cast member. Victoria is one of my favorite characters. The first time I saw a picture of Rachelle I though, "Oh God. She is perefect". She was so perfect for the role that in my mind them recasting Rachelle as Victoria was like them recasting Ashely Greene as Alice. Rachelle has been so nice to us and went to many 'Twilight' Events. I was appauled at Summit's decision. Couldn't they give her 10 days? When I watch Eclipse I wont even pay attention to Bryce I'll put Rachelle's head on Bryce's body (in my mind of course lol). I do understand both sides of the story but Rachelle's is WAY better than Summit's.Rachelle IS Victoria.

She IS the best, always WAS the best, and always WILL BE the best Victoria.
- Arikka Standafer"

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  1. We love Rachelle! They're gonna lose money! I hope they know that! BRING RACHELLE BACK!