Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twilighters Take Over TWITTER

ALL CREDIT GOES TOBold Twilight Poison
"Less than an hour later after releasing her statement through Access Hollywood, Twilight fans are expressing their frustration and supporting Rachelle Lefevre who will be replaced by actress Bryce Howard on the ‘Eclipse’ adaptation due to scheduling conflicts.
Twitter is being used as a tool for fans to let Summit Entertainment know how they feel. #BringBackRachelle is currently number 1 on the treding topics list. Victoria is number 5 and Rachelle Lefevre is number 6. This shows how much Rachelle means to the Twilight fandom and how we hate to see her go. She’s been a great member of the cast and did a magnificent job with her character’s adaptation for the first two movies. While actions like this might not actually get Rachelle back, it’s still a way to show our support to the actress who’s been nothing but great to the fan community...........


  1. We have to protest until Summit brings Rachelle back!!!

  2. Estoy con ustedes.
    I agree with you.It is a big mistake to change now, is not fair.
    La quiero de vuelta!