Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Letter to Summit

Dear Summit Entertainment,
I am deeply saddened by the recast of Victoria in your alls upcoming production of Eclipse. Im my opinion this was a TERRIBLE decision. Rachelle Lefevre has been so nice to us and went to multiple events. Victoria is one of my favorite characters so you all recasting Rachelle as Victoria is like recasting Ashely Greene as Alice in my book. Rachelle was perfect for the role.

RACHELLE is VICTORIA. Its a simple fact.

It doesnt matter who you recast as Victoria, Rachelle will always be the best. Also, I would like to add an point out that the press release issued out the other day was very unprofessional.

In my opinion, Eclipse hasnt even began filming yet and and the movie is already screwed up without Rachelle.

All Twilighters AGREE:

You all worked with Cam about the filming scheduale. Why wont you show Rachelle the same kind of courtasy?

A fellow twilighter,
Arikka _________

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